Custom Dog Embroidery Designs

There are stock embroidery designs of the many breeds of dogs in this world. See the stock design page to check out some of the breed designs available to embroider on your favorite shirt or jacket..

If the breed designs don't appear the way your dog looks to you, a custom design to reflect your dog's personality and unique features might be worth it. There are also many dogs who are not purebreds but are just as cherished. There are no embroidery designs for them. Not fair! One option is to have an embroidery design created from a photograph of your dog. Whether you want an economical image of your dog sketched in thread, as the image at the right, or a full-color likeness, it can be done. Bear in mind that there are constraints due to the medium being thread and fabric. The important features need be played up and unimportant details minimized to simply the creation of the end result. The stages of a custom embroidery design are illustrated in the tabs below.

  • 1 - Photo
  • 2 - Artwork
  • 3 - Embroidery
Start with your favourite photo.

Consider what the important features are . Then consider what detail and size you want for the design. Scale is an important consideration in determining the amount of detail to be included. In this case, the head of this 10 week old puppy holding the toy was considered the aspect to work with -- the rest of the photograph really doesn't contribute to the design.

Change the toy for another object, in this case a plastic dumbbell, was the choice made here. The coloring and shading were blocked into simplified shapes. The eyes were enlarged like they often are in cartoons, or Manga drawings. This is where artistic licence comes in to create the look and feel desired.

The design is digitized with computer software to define all the colors, textures, thread changes, and size of the final design.

Then, the embroidery design is stitched out on test fabric, perhaps changes made, and another test stitch-out done.

Finally, the tested design is stitched out on your denim shirt or fleece jacket. There you have an embroidery design which is totally unique to your dog.

Needle Felt Designs Coming Soon!

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Needle Felting .

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Choose from Stock Designs

There are many talented designers who have created beautiful dog and cat designs. View our selection of available stock designs, when detail pages are posted soon. If you don't see a design of interest, let us know. We can either create a design for you or search for an available design .